Deciding that you need some additional help is only the first part of a difficult and emotional journey. The next step is deciding what type of care is appropriate and then ultimately who will supply it. Before you can decide on which is the best home care supplier or indeed the most suitable care home, you need to decide which of these options is right in the first place.

There are a range of care homes with differing costs, quality of care and environments, which means that if you decide this is for you, you will find a home that is right for you.


  • Staff available 24/7 every day of the year
  • Less restrictions on the times for eating, going to bed or getting up etc.
  • No need to juggle bills or manage the household accounts
  • Laundry, shopping, cleaning and cooking is all included
  • You will have plenty of company and things to do


  • Care is quite expensive
  • You will have to downsize to a single room
  • Living as part of a community rather than independently
  • Moving into a care home can be daunting and scary
  • Giving up your family home of many years

To find out more Google ‘Home care’ or ‘care home’, but be aware sometimes companies do not give a balanced view and try and push people to buy their service.